Tectonostratigraphy of the Great Basin from the Antler orogeny through Pennsylvanian time


The Antler orogeny, recorded by the formation of a foreland basin in latest Devonian
time, was followed by a series of distinct late Paleozoic orogenic events that affected
the western margin of North America. These events can be recognized by angular
unconformities which locally trim folds or thrust faults, and which are commonly
overlain by orogenic conglomerates. The timing of the deformation can be precisely
determined biostratigraphically, by dating rocks above and belowthe unconformities.
The late Paleozoic unconformities (and tectonic events they record) have been little
recognized, in part due to broad application of stratigraphic terminology throughout
Nevada. For example, in some cases a single formation name has been applied to rocks
both above and belowan unconformity.Revision of late Paleozoic stratigraphic terminology
is therefore in order.

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