Our Mission

The Geological Society of Nevada (GSN) is a non-profit scientific society whose principal mission is to promote the advancement of the geological sciences, especially as they relate to Nevada. The Society encourages the dissemination of scientific and practical knowledge through semiformal presentations, field trips and symposia as well as by publishing the literature resulting from these activities.

The Society has developed a secondary mission, through the GSN Foundation, of funding a number of earth science related charitable programs, including grants for K-12 field trips, university scholarships and grants for geological mapping.

Our Members

Currently there are about 1,300 members in GSN. The majority are based in Nevada but members live throughout the United States and in a number of foreign countries. GSN is made up of a broad spectrum of individuals interested in the earth sciences and the natural resource industries. This includes geologists, geophysicists, geochemists, engineers, prospectors, educators and students as well as associated advisors and suppliers. Students are welcomed and encouraged to join and participate in GSN’s activities.

The membership directory is published annually and is a handy source of individuals, companies, government agencies and service providers involved with the earth sciences.

The membership year begins in January. Annual dues are $50.00 and are due before December 31. The dues pay for expenses for the entire GSN organization and its Chapters in Elko, Southern Nevada and Winnemucca. Expenses include publishing the newsletter and directory, the office manager’s costs and general office expenses.

Our Activities

GSN holds dinner meetings in Reno on the third Friday of each month from September through May. Each meeting is highlighted by semiformal presentations by leading scientists from industry, academia and government. Abstracts of these talks are published in the monthly newsletter and in the membership directory.

GSN organizes two field trips annually, providing an opportunity for members to learn about the geology and ore deposits of Nevada and surrounding areas. Each of these field trips is documented in a Special Publication which provides detailed technical reports, road logs, maps and photos for the areas visited.

GSN has an active social calendar that provides opportunities for members to socialize, network, exchange ideas and generally enjoy themselves. Besides the monthly meetings and field trips, GSN holds a golf tournament in the spring, an occasional summer BBQ, and an annual picnic.

Our Chapters

Active chapters are in Elko, Southern Nevada and Winnemucca. The chapters also hold regularly scheduled meetings, conduct field trips and hold occasional symposia on specific geologic topics. Winnemucca’s meeting is on the second Wednesday, Elko’s is on the third Thursday, and Southern Nevada’s is held the last Thursday of each month.


Every five years GSN sponsors a symposium which draws scientists from all over the world to share the results of their work and learn about the work of others. These meetings include a full slate of technical sessions, pre- and post-meeting field trips, and a trade show. The symposia have been well attended and have gained an international reputation for excellence. The volumes produced of the proceedings and field trips have won awards for their quality and are considered one of the most extensive and authoritative bodies of literature in the world on the geology and ore deposits of the Great Basin and the American Cordillera.


GSN organized a separate Foundation to carry out its philanthropic activities. It’s a 501(c)3 public charity and derives its funding from tax-deductible donations, various fundraisers, and grants from GSN. Each year the Foundation contributes thousands of dollars toward transportation costs for earth science related K-12 school field trips and provides scholarships at Nevada colleges and funds for UNR Geology Field Camp students. In addition, funds are provided to support mapping grants through the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology.