Board of Directors

Patty Capistrant, Current GSN President
Tony Gesualdo, Most Recent Past GSN President
Ajeet Milliard, Elko Chapter President
Kris Alvarez, Winnemucca Chapter President

(Southern Nevada Chapter is currently inactive)

Plus six past officers of GSN or Chapters, which are elected for staggered three year terms:

Class A Directors, 2024-2027
John Watson and Robert Thomas (Chair)

Class B Directors, 2022-2025
David Caldwell and Greg French

Class C Directors, 2023-2026
Mark Travis and David Shaddrick

About the GSN Board of Directors

The general membership of the Geological Society of Nevada voted to approve the GSN Executive Committee’s recommendation to establish the GSN Board of Directors in September, 2005. The Executive Committee was acting on the recommendations of an Ad Hoc Advisory Committee composed of ex-GSN Presidents, Bob Cuffney, Richard DeLong, Dieter Krewedl, David Shaddrick, Bob Thomas and Clancy Wendt. The Advisory Committee recognized the GSN had changed tremendously since its formation in 1957, becoming more complex given the needs of its large membership, the addition of three chapters and the establishment of its philanthropic Foundation. Additionally, because the GSN has a strong financial position there is added responsibility to properly manage these funds.

The GSN Board of Directors meets quarterly in February, May, August and November and consists of the following eleven members:

  • Five non-elected members, who include the current and most recent past Presidents of the GSN and the current Presidents of the Elko, Winnemucca and Southern Nevada Chapters, serving for one year terms
  • Six previous officers of the GSN or its chapters, elected by the general membership to the Board of Directors. These Board positions are divided into three Classes (A, B, and C). Each Class serves staggered three year terms. Only one Class stands for election each May.

The purpose and goals of the GSN Board of Directors are as follows:

  • Act as Trustees of the Geological Society of Nevada
  • Give general guidelines and directions, but leave the day to day operations of the GSN to the Executive Committee
  • The GSN Foundation reports to the Board of Directors
  • Provide financial oversight of GSN’s funds and investments
  • Review and approve the annual budget as well as year end review of actual expenditures
  • Provide institutional memory and continuity
  • Promote communication between the GSN and its chapters making it a more unified organization

In order to obtain these goals, members of the Board of Directors have been assigned to the following six committees: Audit, Financial, Foundation Oversite, Nominating, Policy, and Symposium Oversite.

Further information about the Board of Directors can be found in the GSN Constitution and the GSN Board of Directors Policies, both of which are found on this website.