Geology & Ore Deposits of the American Cordillera Symposium Proceedings


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Stratigraphy, structure and exploration potential of the Big Springs gold Deposits, Northern Independence Range, Nevada Opal Adams
Evidence for multiple episodes of igneous and hydrothermal activity and constraints on the timing of gold mineralization, Jerritt Canyon District, Elko County, Nevada J.D. Phinisey
Significance of K-Ar and 40Ar/39Ar dates from mica in Carlin-type gold deposits: Evidence from the Jerritt Canyon District, Nevada H.W. Folger
Geology of the Betze-Post gold deposits, Eureka County, Nevada R.W. Leonardson
Geology and mineralization of the Pipeline Gold Deposit, Lander County, Nevada Stanley Foo
Geology and mineralization of the South Pipeline Gold Deposit, Lander County, Nevada Stanley Foo
A Carlin-type gold deposit at Chert Cliff, Eureka County, Nevada Peter Vikre
The geology of the West Archimedes Deposit: a new gold discovery in the Eureka Mining District, Eureka County, Nevada Peter Dilles
Electrum disequilibrium crystallization textures in volcanic-hosted bonanza epithermal gold deposits in northern Nevada James Saunders
Gold mineralization and associated rhyolitic volcanism at the Hog Ranch District, northwest Nevada Steven Bussey
Geology, alteration, and ore controls of the Crofoot/Lewis Mine, Sulphur, Nevada: A well-preserved hot-spring gold-silver deposit Shane Ebert
Bulk mineable gold ore at the Sleeper Mine, Nevada-importance of extensional faults, breccia, framboids, and oxidation Thomas Nash
High-precision 40Ar/39Ar ages of rhyolitic host rock and mineralized veins at the Sleeper Deposit, Humboldt county, Nevada James Conrad
Structural controls of precious metal mineralization at the Denton-Rawhide Mine, Rawhide, Nevada David Gray
Geology and 40Ar/39Ar geochronology of volcanism and mineralization at Round Mountain, Nevada Christopher Henry
Epithermal gold mineralization related to caldera volcanism at the Atlanta District, east-central Nevada René Laberge
Precious metal mineralization at Gold Mountain, Tonopah Divide District, Esmeralda County, Nevada Calvin Erdman
Geology and mineralization of the Bullfrog Mine and vicinity, Nye County, Nevada Tony Eng
Geology and gold mineralization at the Pine Grove Mining District, Lyon County, Nevada Philip Jackson
Epithermal (silver-gold-manganese and mercury), and mesothermal (gold-quartz) deposits of the Holy Cross Mining District, Churchill County, Nevada Katherine Connors
Geologic history of the Battle Mountain Mining District, Nevada, and regional controls on the distribution of mineral systems Jeff Doebrich
Geology and gold potential of the Goat Ridge window, Shoshone Range, Lander County, Nevada Douglas Prihar
Geology and gold deposits of the Bald Mountain Mining District, White Pine County, Nevada Alan Hitchborn
Electrum and organic matter at the Gold Point Mine, Currant Mining District, Nevada Stephen Castor
Structurally-controlled, igneous-hosted, disseminated Au mineralization near Nelson, Nevada J.P. Robinson
Cenozoic magmatism and mineralization in Nevada Erwin Mckee
Early Paleozoic structures controlling metallogenic trends in the Golconda region, north-central Nevada Fred Menzer
Eocene or older attenuation faults in the eastern Great Basin Constance Nutt
Large-Scale arcuate structures concentric with the McDermitt Caldera Complex John McCormack
Crescent Valley: A model for reconstruction of district mineralization in the Basin and Range John McCormack
Relationship between regional sediment geochemistry and ore deposits in northwestern Nevada Dawn McGuire
Possible implications of regional Late Paleozoic chemical remagnetization for mineralization in the Great Basin and vicinity Stephen Gillet
Physical and chemical constraints for an amagmatic origin of Carlin-type gold deposits, a source-sink approach Robert Ilchick
Application of Pearce element ratio analysis to lithogeochemical exploration of Carlin-type carbonate-hosted gold deposits Hans Madeisky
Alteration and stable isotope studies of a deep meteoric-hydrothermal system in the job canyon caldera and IXL Pluton, southern Stillwater Range, Nevada David John
Mapping concealed faults in basins by measurement of naturally occurring gases Howard McCarthy
Mercury vapor anomalies at the Section 30 Deposit, Twin Creeks Mine, Nevada Patty Rehn
Associated barite and phosphate deposits of Middle Paleozoic age, central Toquima Range, Nevada Kenneth Coles
Geologic features and remote sensing characteristics of the precious metal systems of the American Cordillera David Spatz
Cenozoic metallogeny of California James Rytuba
Evidence of a Middle(?)-Late Devonian tectonic event in the Eastern Klamath terrane, northern California Christophe Campos
Precious metal mineralization in a fold and thrust belt: the McLaughlin Hot Spring Deposit, northern California R.M. Tosdal
Syntectonic silver-barite mineralization in the hanging-wall of the Waterman Hills detachment fault, central Mojave Desert, CA Geoffrey Feiss
Geologic Setting of Miocene gold mineralization in the Hackberry Mountain area, Getchel Mining District, San Bernardino County, CA Reichard Capps
Geology and stable isotope geochemistry of the Jumbo South – Lesley Ann Au Deposit, California: Evidence for magmatic and meteoric fluid mixing Douglas Crowe
Porphyroblasts of barium-zoned K-feldspar and quartz, Papoose Flat, Inyo Mountains, California, genesis and exploration implications F.W. Dickson
Pacific Coast diamonds – an unconventional source terrane Dan Hausel
Great Plains margin (alkaline related) gold deposits in New Mexico Virginia McLemore
Volcanic-epithermal, precious-metals deposits in New Mexico Virginia McLemore
Wall rock alteration in the Jenney Horizon of the Park City Formation, Judge and Silver King Mines, Park City District, Utah Ayhan Erler
The geology of the McDonald Gold Deposit, Lewis and Clark County, Montana Mark Bartlett
The high-sulfidation Ag-Au-base metal Hog Heaven Deposit of northwestern Montana: the product of pre- and post-diatreme and endogenous dome mineralization Ian Lange
The Butte Highlands Project, Silver Bow county, Montana: an olivine-rich magnesian gold skarn Art Ettlinger
Late Cretaceous ore deposits in the southern lobe of the Idaho batholith, central Idaho Theresa Cookro
Intragraben fault zones and hot-spring deposits in the Oregon-Idaho graben: a geophysical study Michael Cummings
Au-Ag mineralization at the Golden Promise Deposit, Republic District, Washington: Relation to graben development and hot spring processes Richard Fifarek
Structural setting and features of Au-Ag orebodies at the Cannon Mine, Wenatchee, Washington Donald Cameron
Geology of the Key East Gold Deposit, Ferry County, Washington Christopher Lowe
Evolution of the northern North American Cordillera: generation, fragmentation, displacement and accretion of successive North American plate-margin arcs James Monger
A lithogeochemical and radiometric study of hydrothermal alteration and metal zoning at the Cinola epithermal gold deposit, Queen Charlotte Islands, British Colombia Jacob Margolis
Intrusion-related Cu-Mo-Au-Ag mineralization at Sulphurets, British Columbia, and implications for the porphyry-epithermal transition David Bridge
The Early Jurassic, Cretaceous deformed Kerr Cu-Au porphyry deposit, Sulphurets Gold Camp, northwestern British Columbia Jacob Margolis
Comparative geology and mineralogy of mineralized and barren plutons of the Babine Lake Igneous Suite, west-central British Columbia Ronald Wynn
Geology of volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits in the Cordillera of British Columbia, Canada Ross Sherlock
Geology, geochemistry, and mineralization of the Liberty Bell Gold Mine area, Alaska Suleyman Yesilyurt
Gold mineralization related to Cretaceous-Tertiary magmatism in west-central Alaska – a geochemical model and prospecting guide for the Kuskokwim region David Szumigala
Drenchwater, Alaska: Zn-Pb-Ag mineralization in a mixed black shale – volcanic environment Melanie Werdon
Geology of the Bermejal Iron-Gold Deposit, Mezcala, Guerrero, Mexico V. Garza
La Choya Au Deposit, NW Sonora, Mexico Dana Durgin
Mesquite (genus Prosopis) as a surrogate well-water sample in the search for Cu/Mo occurrences: A lesson from Los Tamales, northern Sonora, Mexico J.A. Erdman
Application of large-scale oxygen isotope haloes to exploration for chimney-manto Pb-Zn-Cu-Ag deposits Stephen Kesler
Gold and copper metallogeny of Central America Carl Nelson
Mineral Deposits of Guatemala Rudy Machorro
Geology, alteration and mineralization of the Tatumbla District, Honduras Brent Cookro
Gold-silver mineralization in Cuba and its geologic setting in the Greater Antilles Stephen Kesler
Localization of ore districts by segmentation of the north Chilean Andes John Gabelman
Las Aguilas Este Deposit: Shear zone hosted hydrothermal Cu-Ni sulfide and platinum-group elements mineralization in the mafic-ultramafic complex of San Luis Range, Argentina Lidia Malvicini
Metallogenetic Aspects of ophiolites and other types of mafic and ultramafic complexes of Argentina Luisa Villar
Geology, geochemistry, and evolution of the Mazama porphyry copper-molybdenum-gold deposit, Okanogan County, Washington Brock Riedell
The “inside-out” Quartz Creek quartz dioritic, batholithic, copper deposit, central Cascade Range, Washington Eric Cheey
Mesozoic porphyry gold-copper mineralization at the Wheeler Mine, Pine Grove District, Nevada David Princehouse
Geology and implications of silver/gold ratios of the Elder Creek porphyry copper system, Battle Mountain Mining District, Nevada Ted Theodore
Weakly developed porphyry system at Upper Paiute Canyon, Battle Mountain Mining District, Nevada Stanley Ivosevic
Stratigraphy, structure, and alteration of igneous and carbonate wall rocks at Veteran Extension in the Robinson (Ely) porphyry copper district, Nevada David Maher
The geology and evolution of the weakly Au-(Cu)-mineralized far eastern side of the Robinson Mining District, Ely, Nevada Stephen Shaver
Geology of the Mount Hope stockwork molybdenum deposit, Eureka County, Nevada Gerhard Westra
The great Laramide porphyry copper cluster of Arizona, Sonora, and New Mexico: the tectonic setting, petrology, and genesis of a world class porphyry metal cluster Stanley Keith

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