Results of an airborne geophysical survey in the northern part of the Far East of Russia


For the first time a high resolution aeromagnetic survey and multi-frequency
aero EM survey were flown over the area of Kurun-Uriakh of sedimentary rockhosted
gold deposits in the Khabarovsk territory. The geophysical survey covered
5000 sq. km and was conducted by the geophysical department of JS gold mining
company AMUR in 2002–2003. DIP-4 system (“Aerogeofizica,” Moscow) and Cs-2
magnetometer (SCINTREX) were used for the EM and magnetic survey. The survey
objective was to delineate geophysical anomalies that may reflect intra-sedimentary
basinal faults and buried intrusive igneous bodies (plutons and dikes). Interpretations
of the data compare favorably with the model of northern Nevada structure. Zones of
low resistivity correlate with deeply penetrating regional faults that appear to have
controlled the emplacement of plutons and linear mafic dikes that intrude the sedimentary
rocks. Such information could provide important constraints for mineral
exploration for new gold and possibly PGM deposits within the study area.

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Alexander Prikhodko




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