Lithogeochemistry of the Devonian Popovich Formation in the Northern Carlin Trend, Nevada


TheDevonian Popovich Formation is the major host forCarlin-type gold deposits
in the northernCarlin trend, which contains >2800 t (90 Moz) ofAu.The chemical and
isotopic composition of barren and mineralized intervals of the Popovich Formation
were determined in the Screamer sector of the Betze-Post deposit where there are numerous
through-going, dike-filled, mineral-controlling structures. The stratigraphy
sampled extends through the Wispy, Planar, Soft Sediment Deformation and Upper
Mud units. The 332, 5-foot core samples analyzed are from 5 holes separated by as
much as 600 m that are outside the zone of metamorphic recrystallization around the
Jurassic Goldstrike Stock and belowthe level of supergene weathering and oxidation.

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