La Quinua Deposit, Perú


The La Quinua gold deposit in the Yanacocha District, Peru, is
unique on a global scale. The system consists of unconsolidated sediment
eroded from the Cerro Yanacocha ore body by glaciation, and
re-deposited as unconsolidated glacial and fluvial-glacial sediments
in an actively forming basin. The gold is fine-grained (dominantly
less than 150 microns), and there is no evidence of placer-style
enrichment. Seven sedimentary material types, each characterized
by distinct density, permeability, grade and metallurgical characteristics
are present in the deposit. End of 1998 reserves totaled 244.4
tons (7.1 M ounces) gold and 1,474 tons (43 M ounces) silver.
Production is scheduled to commence in mid-2000.

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Mining District