Geology and tectonic Setting of the Solton Sary Gold District, Kyrgyzstan


The Solton Sary gold district (Kyrgyzstan, CIS, Fig. 1) is
situated at the southern flank of the Kazakhstan-Tien Shan
Paleozoic orogenic system. This collage of fragments of
Precambrian crystalline basement and large Paleozoic subduction-
accretion complexes could have evolved from a single
island arc at the margin of the Turkestan paleo-ocean
(Sengšr et al., 1993; Sengšr and NatalÕin, 1996 a, b). The
southern flank of the orogen comprises a number of worldclass
mesothermal gold deposits (e.g., Muruntau, Daugystau,
Zarmitan, Kumtor, Kyzyl-Alma), along with large gold-bearing
molybdenum, tungsten, and copper porphyry systems.

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Vladimir Ispolatov




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Mining District

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