Exploration geology of the Golden Arrow gold-silver district, Nye County, Nevada


The Golden Arrow district is located along the northern margin of the Walker
Lane and on the western rim of the Oligocene Kawich Mountains caldera.
Principal elements of the geologic framework include: (1) pre-caldera andesite,
overlain by (2) rhyolite ash-flow tuff from the Kawich volcanic center. Both units are
cut by (3) a caldera-margin fault with bonanza quartz-adularia-gold veins. Straddling
the caldera-margin lies the tilted block of (4) Confidence Mountain rhyolite
ignimbrite, interpreted as a collapse block along the caldera margin. Extending
northwestward from Confidence Mountain is a structural depression with (5)
volcaniclastic rhyolite-dominant moat sediment.

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