Young (£ 7 Ma) gold deposits and active geothermal systems of the Great Basin: Enigmas, questions, and exploration potential


Young gold systems in the GreatBasin (£ 7Ma), though not as well studied as their
older counterparts, comprise a rapidly growing and in some ways controversial
group. The gold inventory for these systems has more than doubled in the last 5 years
from roughly 370 tonnes (12 Moz) to 890 tonnes (29 Moz). Although these deposits are
characterized by low grades, tonnages can be high and stripping ratios low, and they
have been mined profitably, as exemplified by Florida Canyon and Hycroft. Active
geothermal systems in the Great Basin also comprise a rapidly growing group, as evidenced
by a number of recent discoveries of geothermal groundwater and a more than
50%increase in electricity production capacity fromthese systems in the last 5 years.

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