Updated geothermal exploration methods for Nevada


New electric power sale contracts are stimulating exploration for new geothermal
resources in Nevada. Geothermal exploration methods developed in the past few
years include temperature gradient databases, ASTER satellite images, InSAR radar
images, detailed mercury soil gas surveys, and analysis of hyperspectral remote sensing
data. Hundreds of temperature profiles have been compiled from private companies
and government groups. ASTER images can be utilized to map outcrops of sinter,
opal, calcite, and kaolinite. InSAR interferograms can be processed to show ground
deformation that may overlay geothermal systems. Detailed mercury soil gas surveys
identify permeable faults that control geothermal fluid flow. Hyperspectral remote
sensing data are capable of mapping 1m2 to 3m2 occurrences of sinter and tuff. These
methods have proven to be beneficial to geothermal exploration.

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