Update on activities of the National Association of State Boards of Geology (ASBOG) and the licensing of geologists in the United States


Membership growth of the National Association of State Boards of Geology
(ASBOG) has been relatively steady, adding approximately two states each year since
its inception in 1988, with an initial composition of five southeastern states. During
this growth, the influence of ASBOG on the licensing activities of geologists in the
United States has dramatically increased. Currently 29 of the 31 states that have some
form of geological licensure are members of ASBOG. These states oversee approximately
44,000 licensed geologists. Projections for future growth in the number of new
states adding licensure are small and less rapid than in past years based on a review
of current interest in states without licensure.
There is the expectation that the number of states implementing the licensing of
geologists will continue to grow although probably not at the past rate. Currently the
states of New York, Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico, and New Hampshire are considering
legislation for the licensing of geologists. Given that ASBOG is the only
national organization providing examination services for the licensing of geologists, it
is anticipated that when (if) these states implement licensing, they will elect to become
affiliated with ASBOG and use its examinations.
Interest in the licensing of geologists is becoming worldwide. Currently the European
Federation of Geologists provides licenses for appropriately educated and experienced
individuals. Canadian provinces do similarly. Canadian provincial
registration is similar to individual US state registration—the main difference is in
the test. The professional test is all about ethics and business law—there is no technical
component to the test. ASBOG is working to become aligned with these organizations
to coordinate requirements to make it easier for individuals wishing to become
licensed in a variety of countries. Adraft letter of understanding addressing the issues
of mutual recognition of licenses is being developed between Canada and ASBOG.
ASBOG has participated in a number of international conferences to facilitate communication
and coordination of activities including the first and second International
Professional Geology Conferences in Spain and England.

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