The place of the Great Basin in the Cordilleran orogen


The Great Basin lies near the center of the Cordilleran orogen, midway between
the Pacific coast and the Great Plains, andGreat Basin geologic history was influenced
by events in both the outer and the inner Cordillera. The current configuration of the
Great Basin stems from Neogene crustal extension within the Basin and Range Province
and strike slip along the Walker Lane splay of the San Andreas transform.
Pre-Neogene phases of Great Basin evolution included (a) passive-margin deposition
of the early Paleozoic Cordilleran miogeocline after the Neoproterozoic breakup of
Rodinia, (b) late Paleozoic overthrusting of oceanic allochthons over the miogeocline
from the west as subduction complexes of island arcs that accreted to the edge of the
continental block, (c)Triassic initiation of theCordilleranmagmatic arc along an activated
continental margin, (d) Middle to Late Jurassic backarc thrusting and
magmatism induced by plate interactions related to Jurassic accretion of intraoceanic
island arcs to the Cordilleran margin, (e) Backarc Cretaceous to Paleogene Sevier
thrusting, and coordinate uplift of the elevated Nevadaplano, (f) Laramide
magmatism that swept eastward during an interval of shallow slab subduction, and
(g) migratory resumption of arc magmatism as slab dip recovered after a Laramide
null in magmatism.

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