Sediment-Hosted Gold Deposits of the North-Central Eureka-Battle Mountain Trend, Nevada


Welcome to the Geological Society of Nevada’s 2005 Symposium Field Trip which will visit the
following mining districts: Northumberland, Round Mountain, Manhattan and Goldfield districts.
We will visit a variety of ore gold-silver deposits which will include a “Carlin-type” sedimenthosted
deposit (Northumberland Mine); sediment-hosted epithermal vein deposits (Gold
Wedge Deposit); low sulfidation, volcanic and sediment-hosted stockwork system (Midway
Deposits); volcanic-hosted, disseminated deposit (Round Mountain Mine); “Hot Spring-type”
deposit (Gold Hill Deposit); and a high sulfidation volcanic-hosted system, (Goldfield District).
On this field trip we will get an update on the development work in progress at the
Northumberland, Wedge, Midway and Goldfield deposits mines and the active mining activities
at Round Mtn. We will also examine the new discoveries at the Wedge and Gold Hill deposits.
In the evenings at the Elks Lodge in Tonopah, we will be presented with talks on the Gold Hill
new discovery by Terry Jennings, Senior Geologist for Round Mountain Gold (Wednesday
evening) and on the Midway development activities by Alan Branham, President of Midway
Gold Corporation (Thursday evening).
The field trip will begin in Reno on Wednesday morning, May 11 and both evenings will be spent
in Tonopah. We will drive to Newmont’s field office located at Kingston Canyon where Eric
Lauha, Senior Geologist, will present us with a talk on the current exploration and development
activities at the Northumberland district. Following this brief overview we will tour three open
pits: Chipmunk, Lower Cow Pond and Main Pits. From the Northumberland Mine, we will travel
to the Manhattan District, where Tim Master, Exploration/Development Manager with Royal
Standard Minerals, will give us a tour of the Wedge Gold Deposit. On Thursday, May 12, we
will visit the Round Mountain deposit and the newly discovered Gold Hill deposit where Dave
Harvey, Chief Geologist with Round Mountain Gold, will give us a review of the Round
Mountain mining activities and Terry Jennings, Senior Geologist with Round Mountain Gold will
present us with an overview of the current exploration and development work at the Gold Hill
On our way back to Tonopah, a brief visit is planned at the Midway Deposit where Tom
Callicrate, Vice President Exploration with Western Goldfields and Alan Branham, President
with Midway Gold Corporation, will give an overview of the recent work on the project. On
Saturday, May 13, we will travel to the Goldfield District where Robert Bennett, Chief Geologist
with Metallic Ventures, will give us a review of the current exploration and development
activities and a tour of the district. Following this tour we will travel back to Reno.

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