Recent advances in the application of geophysics for gold exploration in the north-central Great Basin


Geophysical prospecting techniques have been extensively applied in exploration
for Carlin-type and intrusion-related gold deposits in the North-central Great Basin.
Physical property contrasts are generally very subtle between unaltered rocks and
rocks which have undergone alteration associated with mineralization. Therefore, direct
detection of these target types using geophysics is challenging. Similarly, no systematic
geophysical exploration approach exists in the Great Basin as the physical
properties of host rocks are themselves highly variable. Comprehensive physical
property studies characterizing host rocks and the structural, hydrothermal, and
metamorphic events which overprint them can determine which, if any, geophysical
methods will be effective. These studies, coupled with a strong understanding of geological
controls on mineralization, will ensure the effective application of geophysics
in an exploration program.

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