Re-thinking the Comstock: volcanic domes and arcuate structures


GoldSpring, Inc. is currently developing the Comstock Mine Project, located near
Virginia City,Nevada, in the immediate vicinity of the historic Comstock lode district.
Geologic field mapping and geo-referencing of historic underground workings, combined
with inspection of aerial and satellite images have identified numerous kilometer
scale arcuate structures and lineaments spatially related to precious metal mineralization.
Peripheral and central to specific arcuate structures are volcanic domes and
dikes which played a role in channelizing magmas, hydrothermal fluids and meteoric
waters. Reconciliation of historic underground workings illustrated that many of the
bonanza grade stopes that averaged greater than 0.50 gold ounces/ton (14.6 gold
g/tonne) and primary production levels were found to be positioned parallel to apparent
arcuate structures, or located at projected intersections of interpreted arcuate

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