Patterns of lithology, structure, alteration and trace elements around high-grade ore zones at the Turquoise Ridge


Fewdata sets have been published that depict the extent of hydrothermal features
surrounding high-grade ore bodies in Carlin-type gold deposits (CTGDs), making exploration,
development, and production difficult, especially where visually unaltered,
unmineralized rocks occur in close proximity to ore. Patterns of lithology, structure,
visible hydrothermal alteration, trace elements, and clay mineralogy are presented to
test for the presence of haloes that can potentially be used as vectoring tools in honing
in on high-grade ore zones at the Turquoise Ridge CTGD. Closely-spaced diamond
drill holes along a cross-section across the High Grade Bullion (HGB) ore zone at the
north end of Turquoise Ridge were logged in detail. The logging information, gold assays,
multi-element analyses, and spectral reflectance analyses were plotted on a 1:600
scale cross-section, from which controls on gold (Au) grade and haloes to ore zones
were interpreted.

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Michael Cassinerio






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Mining District


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