Mineralogy and mineralization at the New Sleeper Gold project, Awakening Mining District, Slumbering Hills, Humboldt County, Nevada


New understanding of the nature of mineralization with regard to its zonation
and paragenesis is helping to revitalize the exploration for new bonanza vein and
bulk-mineable ores at the Sleeper Mine, northwest of Winnemucca in Humboldt
County, Nevada. Several low-sulfidation styles of mineralization have been defined to
include: bonanza veins; medium- to low-grade, bulk-tonnage sulfide; quartz-adulariagold
veins; and high-grade sulfide-hosted silver veins. Geologic mapping and mineralogic
studies have defined alteration zonation and the type of precious metals deposit
likely to occur within the given stratigraphy. At present, there are over two dozen
prospective areas within the boundaries of New Sleeper Gold’s land package, including
the Sleeper Mine and environs, the Alma Mine, Dome and Electrum prospects; all illustrate
widely varying types of epithermal low-sulfidation alteration and mineralization.

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