Jurassic igneous-related metallogeny of southwestern North America


Jurassic magmatism and related hydrothermal systems formed across much of
southwestern North America. Hydrothermal systems are numerous and varied, although
fewer major mineral deposits are known than with later magmatism. Principal
types of Jurassic mineralized systems include: (1) porphyry, skarn, replacement,
and vein Cu(±Au±Ag±Mo±Zn±Pb±Ag) systems; (2) IOCG (Fe oxide-Cu-Au) vein,
breccia and skarn systems; (3) VMS systems; (4) granite-related W(-Au); and (5) a
spectrum of advanced argillic (±Au) systems. Some districts represent hybrid or composite
systems requiring multiple fluid sources. Compared to more recent periods, the
Jurassic contains few epithermal and lithophile element deposits.

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