IOCG and Porphyry-Related Deposits of Western Nevada. Yerington Area Deposits: Yerington, McArthur, Blue Hills/ Ann Mason, Pumpkin Hollow, Minnesota/Ludwig


Greg French
While Nevada is known for its gold and silver production, base metal production has had an important role in the economic well being of the state, past and present. The recent run up in metal prices has reinvigorated exploration and development interest in the western Nevada. The aim of this GSN Symposium field trip is to update the participants on the major copper and iron deposits in the historic Yerington District.
The Yerington district has gone through several cycles of exploration and production since the turn of the century. The Yerington area is endowed with over 24 million pounds of copper hosted within several porphyry and IOGC- skarn deposits of the district. The district is also rich in high grade magnetite deposits were the district iron inventory exceeds 150 million tons. Much of the copper endowment occurs within three deposits associated with the Jurassic Yerington Batholith: Yerington and Ann-Mason porphyry deposits and the Pumpkin Hollow IOGC-Skarn. The iron resources are primarily hosted within the Pumpkin Hollow and Minnesota magnetite skarns.

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