Introduction to Carlin Gold Deposits – For Non-Geologists: Lone Tree, Twin Creeks, Marigold, Adelaide, Dun Glen


E.L. “Buster” Hunsaker – Hunsaker Inc
This 3 day field trip for the Geological Society of Nevada 2010 Reno Symposium in Reno grew out of the change the exploration business has seen during the last 10 years. The most obvious and pronounced adjustment we see is the majority of the money spent for exploration and development now comes from the Junior Capital markets and smaller investors. With this trip we hope to introduce non-geologists to Carlin-type gold deposits and wind our way through the “typical” exploration to closure life cycle for Carlin-type Gold deposits in Nevada.
The trip is planned to visit the three major milestones encountered during the cradle to grave life cycle in a world class mining district:
 Exploration-Discovery
 Mining-Production
 Reclamation
We will visit:
• Lone Tree – a mine that went from start to finish in 15 years and produced 5.2 million ounces of gold along the way
• Twin Creeks – one of the larger gold mines in the world,
• Marigold – a mine that has continued to get larger for two decades,
• Adelaide – a project which is in the process of (hopefully) becoming a mine
• Dun Glen – a project with fewer than 10 drill holes,
We hope this can provide everyone a broad view of what it takes to complete the gold mining cycle in Nevada.

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