Giant Sedimentary Rock-Hosted Mineral Systems of the Carlin Trend: Gold Quarry & Betze/Post Deposit: Gold Quarry & Betze/Post Mines; Mike Deposit


Our field trip will begin in Reno and travel across the northern part of the state of Nevada. We will
be crossing what is known as the Great Basin, a region characterized by inward draining fluvial
systems and a semi-arid climate. Traveling eastward, the present day topography is largely a
result of Tertiary fault block tectonics. This has been modified by large Pleistocene lake sediments
and shorelines and more recent fluvial processes. Detailed geological descriptions will be
given according to mileage markers seen on the right hand side of the highway. Our tour will take
us to one of the greatest accumulations of gold mineralization in the world, the Carlin Mining
District. We will visit two of the premier gold mines in this district, Gold Quarry and Betze/Post,
and examine their geologic settings. With over 100 million ounces of contained gold, the Carlin
Trend is a world class gold producer and the mineral systems that characterize the district are
exceptionally large or giant in scale.
The Carlin Mining District or Trend, is an elongated linear north-northwest alignment of gold-rich
ore deposits located in Northeastern Nevada. It is one of the most prolific gold-producing belts in
the world. Geologically, this district lies within the broader Lynn-Railroad belt defined by Roberts
based on the northwest alignment of mining districts and erosional windows of lower plate carbonate
rocks below the Roberts Mountains thrust. These windows are attributed to erosion of
highly fractured domal uplifts developed over intrusive bodies emplaced along major northwest
trending fracture zones. The factors involved in this 60 kilometer trend include a geologically long
active zone of crustal weakness originating along a paleo-continental margin, related extensive
fault systems, a regional tectonic environment of crustal thinning with multiple intrusive episodes,
sustained high heat flow associated with hydrothermal activity, and reactive permeable carbonate
host rocks.
GSN wishes to acknowledge personnel at Barrick Goldstrike (Eric Lauha), Newmont Gold Quarry
(Bruce Harlen) for their assistance in preparation of this guidebook and the subsequent field trip.
Raye Buckley is to be thanked for her guidance and hard work toward putting it all together.
Further, Liz Jones and Steve Craig were instrumental in the completion of the guidebook and efficient
planning of the field trip itself.

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