Cenozoic Tectonic Magmatic Evolution of White Pine County, Nevada: Core Complexes Eocene-Oligocene Volcanic Centers, Episodic Extension & Shortening & Disseminated Gold Deposits: White Pine & Central Egan Ranges; Illipah Mine, Snake Range Metamorphic Core Complex, Robinson Mining District


Welcome to Trip 11, Cenozoic Tectono-Magmatic Evolution of White Pine County, Nevada: Core
Complexes, Eocene-Oligocene Volcanic Centers, Episodic Extension and Shortening, and
Disseminated Gold Deposits. This is a field trip that combines structural geology and economic
geology. Both trip leaders have straddled the interface between the two fields. Phil Gans started
his career in mineral exploration and economic geology and then shifted to the academic environment,
where he has pursued field-based studies, in structural geology and volcanology, supported
by geochronologic investigations. Eric Seedorff is an economic geologist who has constantly
found himself dealing with structural geologic problems.
GSN and the trip leaders thank BHP for access to the Robinson district and Dan Stevermer for
helping with logistical arrangements. Many thanks to Raye Buckley for preparing the guidebook
for publication and for all variety of guidance and assistance from Liz Jones and Steve Craig.

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