Bodaibo Mesothermal Goldfields in Siberia and Carlin-Type Gold Mineralization in South China: a Similarity of Regional Structural Pattern


Bodaibo province in Siberia and Nanpanjiang Basin in South
China are similar in tectonic setting and structural pattern, but are
of different age and style of gold mineralization. Both goldfields
occur in a thick sedimentary sequence adjacent to the cratons,
which are bounded by coeval magmatic arcs. Such setting may be
classified as a continent-facing passive margin of the back arc
basin. In Bodaibo, there are mesothermal gold deposits, whereas
Carlin-type gold mineralization is recognized in the Nanpanjiang
Basin. In both regions, the gold remobilization was synchronous
with multiphase deformations. It appears that oroclinal structure
controls distribution of mineralization regardless of type and tends
to concentrate ore deposits along the hinge of the orocline.
Compression along the hinge may favor dewatering of sediments
and hence promote the fluid migration.

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