Molly Hunsaker

Molly Hunsaker

Biographical Info My name is Molly Hunsaker and I am a senior at the Mackay School of Earth Sciences and Engineering. I will graduate in May with my bachelors in geology but my geology career began long before college. My grandmother was a draftsman and my father is an exploration geologist. So you could say I was born into the business. I have been in the field as long as I can remember but started field work in the summer of 2004 and spent three summers soil sampling and claim staking. I will admit that on the days when I fought Mormon crickets, rolled quads, climbed steep hills, suffered in the heat, and carried two packs just so I wouldn't tip over carrying soils; well then I swore I would never do this for a living. Then after a day long tour of the Carlin trend and the old Gold Bar mine plus visiting various other geologic sites with my Dad I knew that geology was my passion and it was going to be my career. I soon learned that this was what I was missing in life; and it is a perfect fit. I also learned that a geotech did not make nearly as much money as a soil sampler. My first lesson in the business-we don't do it for the money! I have been a geology major for two and a half years and have had some amazing experiences. While at UNR I have been an officer for the Mackay Rock-hounds Club and the John Mackay Club. This is my second year on the Women's Mining Team; we leave in April to compete in Australia and hopefully bring back the title. This past summer I attended UNR's field camp (and was deathly afraid to go). I heard it was a life changing experience but didn't truly understand how it would change me. Field camp was the best life experience I have ever had. It was hard work, confusing at times, but was also the most fun I have ever had. I discovered that I really am an exploration geologist. I want to know what this rock can teach me as well as what it can provide for the world. Lucky for me this is also my father's passion. I have the best mentor in the world-my own father. He makes sure I get great field experience and learn as much as I can and as quickly as I can. I am truly blessed to have the same passion as he and am thankful for the experiences I have had and look forward for those to come. I am excited to eventually take over the family busi-ness. I have experienced the ups and downs of the business while growing up and am excited to graduate and make this my career and life. After graduation I am going to work for a year and travel and then plan to attend graduate school in 2011, I am not sure where yet so I would love suggestions.

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