Chad Peters

Chad Peters

Biographical Info I grew up on a farm in Manitoba, Canada and although living on a farm was great, I knew from a pretty early age that I wasn’t going to be a farmer. I couldn’t understand why my dad would want to work a job where he had no control over the markets or the price of the products he sold. Thinking back, it’s probably more than a little ironic that I ended up becoming a geologist. When I was a senior in high school my cousin, who worked for Chevron in the oil patch, suggested I try geology. At the time, the oil patch was booming and in his words “those rock sniffers are all rich” which sounded good to me. I enrolled at the University of Manitoba in the En-vironment and Earth Sciences program in 2004, met my future wife Carla, and quickly learned that I didn’t want to work in the oil industry (even though unfortunately that’s where all the “rich” rock sniffers worked). As a result I specialized in mining and spent two summers working as a summer student for Premier Gold Mines Ltd. where I logged core in Red Lake, Ontario in 2007 followed by mapping and prospecting for VMS deposits in northwestern Nunavut in 2008. I graduated with my Bachelors in Geological Sciences in 2009 and was lucky enough to receive a full time offer from Premier Gold to work in a fly-in, fly-out camp and filled in on our other projects in the off-season where needed. In 2010 I accepted a position with SanGold Corporation as an underground ore control geolo-gist at the Rice Lake gold mine in Bisset, Manitoba. Although I prefer exploration, it was a great experience that taught me a lot about mining, economics, and narrow vein geometry that I wouldn’t have likely learned on an exploration project. In 2011, Premier offered me a position at the same fly-in camp job I worked in 2009. The fishing was great and I ended up running that project for a year until its closure in 2012. At the same time as my camp job was winding down I met Brian Morris, who was Premier’s new VP of Exploration. (cont. pg. 5) Brian was closing a deal on the McCoy-Cove property and suggested Carla and I move down to Winnemucca to work at Cove full time. The timing was great; I was getting tired of the shift work and Carla was starting to refer to me as her “part time” husband as I was away from home six plus months of the year. Once our visa cleared, we packed everything up including one very pissed off cat and moved to Winnemucca in August of 2012. Until that point I’d spent my entire career working in Archean rocks; over the next two years Warren Thompson gave me a crash course in Nevada geology, beginning my first week with a four mile hike in the Fish Creek range in 100+ degree heat... I managed to make it back to the truck but it wasn’t pretty. Since then, our team has made a few new discoveries on the property and I am currently the Senior Exploration Ge-ologist for Premier’s U.S. based projects. These days, our son Jack keeps us pretty busy. Since Carla and I like to travel, Jack already has a few pages worth of stamps in his passport. I try to make it to as many GSN meetings as possible to catch up with every-one and my attendance will likely increase since being elected the Winnemucca Chapter Secretary… I’ll know better than to show up on nomination night next year. With no hockey rink within 200 miles, I attempt to golf in my spare time. I’ve also been lucky enough to draw an archery mule deer tag every year to date, although I’m still waiting on that bull elk tag to come through.

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