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Field Trip Sprial Bound Guidebooks

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Item Number: SP-59
Item Description: Gold Deposits, Paleontology, and Geology of the Southern Great Basin Region: Castle Mountain Project, Searchlight District, Valley of Fire State Park, and North Shore Lake Mead (Fall 2014)
Price: $40.00
Item Number: SP-58
Item Description: Item Description: Mineral Deposits and Minerals of the Humboldt and Trinity Ranges and Majuba Hill (Spring 2014)
Price: $45.00
Item Number: SP-57
Item Description: Round Mountain and the Lunar Crater Volcanic Field (Fall 2013)
Price: $45.00
Item Number: SP-56
Item Description: Marigold Mine System & Cove Project, Humboldt and Lander County, Nevada (Spring 2013)
Price: $45.00
Item Number: SP-55
Item Description: Gold, Silver, Lithium & Uranium Northern Nevada
Price: $45.00
Item Number: SP-54
Item Description: Copper, Silver and Gold in the Walker Lane, Nevada
Price: $45.00
Item Number: SP-53
Item Description: Gold and Silver Mines of Northwestern Nevada. Hycroft Gold Mine, Florida Canyon Gold Mine, Standard Gold Mine, and Coeur Rochester Silver and Gold Mine, (Fall 2011)
Price: $35.00
Item Number: SP-52
Item Description: Rockin' around Battle Mountain: Gold Mines of Central Nevada. Phoenix Gold Mine, Marigold Gold Mine, Twin Creeks Gold Mine, and Adelaide Exploration Project, 218 p. (May 2011)
Price: $45.00
Item Number: SP-51
Item Description: Old gold Districts, New gold Mines: the importance of unconformity, karst and breccias as ore controls. Cortez Gold Mine, Ruby Hill gold Mine, Bald Mountain Gold Mine, Lookout Mountain Exploration Project, 520 p. (2010)
Price: $90.00
Item Number: SP-50
Item Description: Carlin-type Gold Deposits: by Daylight, by Caplight, and by the Caetano Caldera - Leeville Gold Mine, Carlin Trend,Pipeline-Cortez Hills Gold Mines, Caetano Caldera (2009)
Price: $45.00
Item Number: SP-49
Item Description: Diverse Gold Deposits of the Osgood Mountains and Humboldt Range, North-Central Nevada: Getchell Trend -Getchell, Pinson, Turquoise Ridge "Oreana Trend" - Spring Valley, Lincoln Hill, Wilco 213 p. (2009)
Price: $35.00
Item Number: SP-48
Item Description: Old and New Base-Metals Mines and Deposits of Central Nevada: Yerington District, Mt. Hope District, EurekaDistrict Robinson (Ely) District 197 p. 4-large colored geology maps, folded (2008)
Price: $95.00
Item Number: SP-47
Item Description: Mines and Wines: A Geologic Perspective on the Central Mother Lode and Vineyards in the Northern CaliforniaFoothills, 162 p. (2008)
Price: $30.00
Item Number: SP-46
Item Description: Faults, Folds, & Mineral Belts: Regional Structural Systems, Gold Mineralization & Exploration Potential in the GreatBasin, 161 p. (2007)
Price: $45.00
Item Number: SP-45
Item Description: Geology of the Nevada Test Site, Yucca Mountain and the Searchlight District, 238 p. (2007
Price: $35.00
Item Number: SP-44
Item Description: Mine and Metallurgy Tours along the Carlin and Battle Mtn. Trends, Nevada, GSN/NWMA, 117 p. (2006
Price: $30.00
Item Number: SP-43
Item Description: Geology & Mineralization at Bald Mtn., East Archimedes, & South Eureka, Nevada, 146 p. (2006)
Price: $35.00
Item Number: SP-42
Item Description: Geology & Mineral Resources of the Trinity, Seven Troughs, & Kamma Ranges, West-Central Nevada, 154 p. (2006)
Price: $40.00
Item Number: SP-40
Item Description: New Discoveries, Exploration & Mining Activities Along the Central & Southern Battle Mtn. -Eureka Trend, Lander &Eureka Counties, Nevada, 190 p. (2004)
Price: $45.00
Item Number: SP-39
Item Description: Gold Deposits of the Independence Mountains, Elko Co., Nevada: Jerritt Canyon & Big Springs Districts (sub-title),189 p. plus 29p. insert, total 218 p. (2004)
Price: $45.00
Item Number: SP-41
Item Description: Volcanic Geology, Volcanology & Natural Resources of the Long Valley Caldera, California, 213 p. + 4 fold out plates(2005)
Price: $40.00
Item Number: SP-38
Item Description: Regional Geology & Gold Deposits of the Silver Peak Area -Mineralization Hosted by Metamorphic CoreComplexes, 211 p. with References, 206 without (2003)
Price: $40.00
Item Number: SP-37
Item Description: Gold Deposits of the Goldfield, Midway, and Thunder Mountain Areas, 305 p. (2003)
Price: $45.00
Item Number: SP-36
Item Description: Precious Metal Deposits of the Humboldt Range, New Discoveries in an Old District, Florida Canyon & StandardMines, Rochester & Packard Flat Mines, 192 p. (2002)
Price: $45.00
Item Number: SP-35
Item Description: Jurassic Magmatism and Metal Deposits in Western Nevada, Yerington Mining District & Humboldt MaficComplexes, 168 p. (2002)
Price: $35.00
Item Number: SP-34
Item Description: Magmatism and Gold Deposits in North-Central Nevada -Variations on a Theme, McCoy/Cove, 219 p. (2001)
Price: $35.00
Item Number: SP-33
Item Description: Regional Tectonics & Structural Control of Ore: The Major Gold Trends of Northern Nevada, Battle Mtn. Spring Field Conf, 448 p. (2001)
Price: $60.00
Item Number: SP-32
Item Description: Platinum Group Elements, High Grade Gold and History: The Sierra Nevada 2000, 18 p. (2000)
Price: $25.00
Item Number: SP-31
Item Description: Geology & Gold Mineralization of the Buffalo Valley Area, Northwest Battle Mtn. Trend: Trenton Canyon, NorthPeak, Buffalo Valley, & Marigold Mines, Redline Gold Skarn Deposits, Copper Canyon Gold Skarn-A Review, 272 p. (1999)
Price: $40.00
Item Number: SP-30
Item Description: Geology & Ore Deposits at Bingham Canyon, Barney's Canyon, Mercur & Adjacent Districts in the Oquirrh Range,Utah (Elko Chapter), 143 p. (1999)
Price: $35.00
Item Number: SP-29
Item Description: Low-Sulfidation Au Deposits in Northern Nevada: Olinghouse, Mule Canyon, Midas Deposits, 220 p. (1999)
Price: $40.00
Item Number: SP-28
Item Description: Shallow Expressions of Deep, High-Grade Au Deposits: Northwest Rain/Tess, West Bazza Screamer, & SSX Deposits,172 p. (1998)
Price: $45.00
Item Number: SP-27
Item Description: Sediment Hosted Au Deposits of Eureka, Ruby Hill Mine, Gold Bar District, East-Central Nevada, 161 p. (1998)
Price: $35.00
Item Number: SP-26
Item Description: Low Sulfidation Volcanic-hosted Epithermal Au-Ag Deposits, West-Central NV: Rawhide & Round Mtn. Mines; ThreeHills Project, 246 p. (1997)
Price: $35.00
Item Number: SP-25
Item Description: Geology & Ore Deposits of Northeast Nevada: Cortez, Pipeline, Goldstrike, & Bootstrap Mines; Crescent Pit; West Leeville Project 156 p. (1997)
Price: $35.00
Item Number: SP-24
Item Description: Geology & Ore Deposits of Northwest Nevada: Trenton Canyon Project; Lone Tree, Getchell, Twin Creeks, & Florida Canyon Mines, 192 p. (1996)
Price: $35.00
Item Number: SP-23
Item Description: Geology & Gold Deposits of Eastern Nevada: Bald Mtn. & Mt. Hamilton Mines; Alligator Ridge; Robinson Project, 247 p. (1996)
Price: $35.00
Item Number: SP-22
Item Description: Geology & Ore Deposits of Bodie Hills, Northern Mono Basin Region: Bodie Hills, Aurora District, 71 p. (1995)
Price: $10.00
Item Number: SP-19
Item Description: Northeast Nevada Breccia Bodies Symp (Elko Chapter) 90 p. (1993)
Price: $15.00
Item Number: SP-18
Item Description: Gold & Silver Deposits of Western Nevada: Rochester, Florida Canyon & Crofoot/Lewis Mines; Rosebud Deposit, 167p. (1993)
Price: $30.00
Item Number: SP-17
Item Description: Robinson Mining District Geology & Mineralization (Elko Chapter), 82 p. (1993)
Price: $12.00
Item Number: SP-16
Item Description: Industrial Minerals & Gold Deposits along I-80 Corridor: All-Lite Aggregate, Zeolite, & Argenta Barite Deposits; Nevada Cement Pit & Plant, CR Minerals Diatomite & Eagle-Pitcher Colado Diatomite Pits; Marigold & Lone TreeMines, 180 p. (1992)
Price: $15.00
Item Number: SP-15
Item Description: Reno Area-N Walker Lane Mineralization & Structure: Peavine, Wedekind, Pyramid, & Olinghouse Districts; Washington Hill, Antelope Valley & Talapoosa Deposits; Volcanic Stratigraphy, 207 p. (1992)
Price: $35.00
Item Number: SP-13
Item Description: Tertiary Geology & Volcanic-hosted Au Deposits; Southern Great Basin & Vicinity: Lake Mead Region; Castle Mtns. Mine; Halloran Springs & Nelson District, 138 p. (1991)
Price: $35.00
Item Number: SP-12
Item Description: Carlin & Cortez Trends: Comparisons & Contrasts (Elko Chapter), 139 p. (1990)
Price: $20.00
Item Number: SP-11
Item Description: Geology & Ore Deposits of the Sierra Nevada & Foothills: Mary Harrison Prospect; Royal Mtn., King, Lincoln, &Spanish Mines, 158 p. (1990)
Price: $35.00
Item Number: SP-10
Item Description: Geology & Gold Deposits of the Osgood Mtns., NV: Pinson; Preble; Chimney Creek, 104 p. (1989)
Price: $10.00
Item Number: SP-9
Item Description: Geology & Mineral Deposits of White Pine County: Golden Butte; Robinson Mining District; Illipah; Nighthawk Ridge; Greensprings, 143 p. (1989)
Item Number: SP-8
Item Description: Gold Deposits of North-Central Nevada: Marigold; Cove; McCoy; Rain; Surprise, 107 p. (1988)
Price: $18.00