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GSN's Spirit and Operating Philosophy

GSN is a scientific society dedicated to promoting the geological sciences. It is an IRS 501(c)6 educational organization with non-profit tax status. GSN exists to benefit its members and provide opportunities to enhance their geologic knowledge.

The Spirit of GSN
GSN was organized over 55 years ago and has become one of the most respected regional scientific societies in the world. The spirit of GSN evolved from the unique blend of rigorous science and the camaraderie among our members whenever they gather at monthly meetings, symposia, field trips or other activities. GSN's professional character and relaxed culture have developed over the years, and, combined with the scientific aspect of the meetings and symposia, are what continue to make GSN a compelling organization. GSN is one of the best places to network and find work, find skilled professional help, or just meet and make friends. GSN activities usually have a component of fun and members have come to expect this. The monthly social hour attracts many more members than stay for the dinner and presentation; an indication that members enjoy the opportunity to visit and socialize. In addition to the monthly meetings and biannual field trips, the organization offers several benefits intended to promote the professional development of our members including email blasts about job opportunities, arrangements for MSHA training, and many opportunities for members to meet and interact with each other.

Guiding Hands
The Executive Committee (EC) runs the affairs of the organization and is based in Reno. The chapters in Winnemucca, Elko and Las Vegas have their own officers to run their meetings and activities. There is a Board of Directors composed of officers from each chapter and six independently elected members, all of whom are past officers. They provide the institutional memory and help direct the organization.

Financial Matters
GSN operates on funds generated from membership dues (currently $50 annually), sales of publications, and profits from 20+ years of symposia. GSN has a healthy investment fund that helps keep membership dues down along with generous sponsors that help bankroll the monthly meetings' social hours, field trips, and other social events. Most events, such as field trips and monthly meetings, are intended to break even. The newsletter and directory advertising generally cover the cost to produce those items. The Chapters have their own budgets and can request funds for their programs from the EC.

Officer Duties
Accepting the position as an officer of GSN implies a commitment to "do your best" to make GSN as good as it can be. Each office has a "job description" that outlines basic duties. The office manager can assist with many tasks but the officer is responsible to see that his/her duties are done in a professional manner consistent with the high standards of GSN. Minimal job duties are described in the Constitution on the website, ( and more detailed job descriptions are available from the EC or Board of Directors. Many dedicated volunteers have exercised good judgment in managing the affairs of GSN and GSN relies on its Officers and members to preserve its character and spirit and enhance the compelling organization it has become.