Jim Helgeson

Jim Helgeson

Member Biography Hello GSN, I’ve been working in the mining industry for about 29 years, I have worked for big companies, small companies and pretty much everything in between.

I’m originally from Nebraska and after graduating High School I enlisted in the USAF, where I was trained as a Korean linguist. While enlisted, I was stationed in California, Texas, South Korea and Maryland. After that 4 year stint, I enrolled at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. Having a great interest in space science, I had originally considered an astronomy major, until I realized it was a physics major, and I then switched to geology. I continue to follow NASA and other space agency’s activities with great interest.

Upon completion of my Bachelors, I received a Teaching Assistant offer from Oregon State University, and I packed up and headed west. My MS thesis there involved mapping the structure and stratigraphy of the Mountain Boy Range, which is directly west of the Eureka mining district in Nevada. This was around the time of the Archimedes discovery, not too far from my mapping area, although I don’t recall seeing any drill rigs out there at the time.  While at OSU, I interviewed for a summer job, and got a chance to work at the Greens Creek Mine in southeast Alaska in 1990. Once I saw the beauty of the place, and what they were doing there, I knew metals exploration was for me!  During the early to mid 90’s, I spent time at the Kensington gold mine, and Vinasale Mt., and had a summer of helicopter recon in the Big Delta Quad, all in Alaska.

As some, or many of you recall, the late 90’s, early 2000’s were a time of very depressed (sub 300$) gold prices, and things were slow. I was fortunate to work at the Ken Snyder Mine near Midas, Nevada, for about a year during the early underground development stage, during which time I had the opportunity to log, and sample electrum-laced quartz veining on a daily basis. A contract stint followed in southern Argentina for Yamana, in which we also explored for, and found, very high-grade epithermal, gold-silver veins.

The early 2000’s were a bit slow, and I got involved in the formation of Taranis Resources, a junior exploration company incorporated in Canada. Taranis had two main projects, the Thor VMS project in British Columbia, Canada and the Nakkenavarra copper-gold project in Finland. I bounced back and forth between those projects for a number of years until the Great Recession struck, making the Finland project non-financeable. Thor is now the remaining project in Taranis, and I continue as a Director of the company.

Post Great Recession times have brought rewarding work with Cordex, Silver Range Resources, Ioneer, and McEwen Mining, in which I worked on the Eastside Project near Tonopah, NV,  prospects in Nevada and Canada,  the Rhyolite Ridge lithium-boron project outside of Tonopah, NV, and exploration in the Gold Bar Mine area, located near Eureka, NV, respectively. I am currently engaged in researching and promoting gold deposit types which I believe have been overlooked and undervalued in Nevada.

Which brings us to current times, and while writing this, I received a call about a job, so it is time to bust out the rock hammer and wrap this up…….

In conclusion, working and traveling in the metals exploration industry has been a fascinating experience, there is nothing else quite like it!

Good luck to everyone this year!

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